The Chapter Page

Each chapter contains links to Interactive maps and other content
related to a theme, a time period, an event or process in Canada's history.
Chapters always have links to Notes, and More Resources. There may also be
links to Graphs, Illustrations, Static Maps, Tables or Timelines.

Move your mouse over the image below to reveal details about the different
sections on this page, or see descriptions underneath.

TOPBAR: The main navigation area.
PREVIEW MAP: This image displays a preview of the interactive maps. To see a
preview, click the icons to the right labelled PREVIEW. A timeline for the
previewed map appears underneath.
OVERVIEW TEXT: The overview text sets the context for the all of the
information found in the chapter; click More to see complete overview page.
INTERACTIVE MAPS: These links launch the Interactive map page into the
main window.
    PREVIEW buttons: click these to see a preview of the associated map in
    the preview area to the left.
    LEGEND INFO button launches a page of detailed information about the
    legend and layers of data available on the interactive map.
    DATA button launches a page of associated map data in an
    Excel spreadsheet.
GRAPHS AND OTHER LINKS: Here are links to associated Graphs, Illustrations,
Static maps, Tables or Timelines from the chapter.
NOTES links launch pages of Overview notes, Authors and Sources, and
text from the printed atlases, related to the chapter.
MORE RESOURCES provides links to other chapters, and to external websites,
related to the chapter theme.