Authors and Sources


Native Population and Subsistence, 17th Century (Volume I, Plate 18; Concise Plate 3)
CONRAD E. HEIDENREICH Department of Geography, York University
J.V. WRIGHT Archaeological Survey of Canada, Canadian Museum of Civilization


Eastern Native Population, Early 17th Century (Map)

Early population data are meagre. The populations given here are estimates based on a few references to pre-epidemic populations. These references were transferred to other groups in similar environments with similar socioeconomic conditions.

Linguistic Families, 17th Century (Map)

This list is based on secondary sources with some adjustments in distribution indicated by primary sources.

Native Subsistence at European Contact, Ethnohistoric Data (Map)
Native Subsistence, 1000 CE to Contact, Archaeological Data (Map)

These maps are based on secondary sources with extensive adjustments according to earliest European observations.

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