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Population Composition 1891-1961 (Volume III, Plate 4; Concise Plate 18)
DONALD CARTWRIGHT Geography, University of Western Ontario
MURDO MacPHERSON Historical Atlas of Canada, Toronto


Ethnic Origin: 1901; 1931; 1961 (Maps)

Since the 1901 and 1935 censuses of Newfoundland and Labrador gave only place of birth and not ethnic origin, Newfoundland is not included in 1901 and 1931. Graphs of cities specify ethnic groups of 0.4% or larger; graphs of provinces specify groups of 1.0% or more except 'other' which may be less than 1.0%.
  • Canada. Census. 1901: Vol 1, Table XI. 1931: Vol 2, Tables 32, 34. 1961: Vol 1, Pt 2, Tables 37, 38

    The Bilingual Belt, 1961 (Map)

    With the exception of Montréal, urban areas have been incorporated with the census subdivisions in which they are located. On the map adjacent census subdivisions with similar values and thus of the same category are amalgamated into a single unit. Individual subdivisions are shown only when they are of a different category from surrounding divisions.
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    Major Ethnic Groups: 1901; 1931; 1961 (Graph)

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    Population Profiles: 1901; 1931; 1961 (Graph)

  • Canada. Census. 1961. Vol 1, Pt 2, Table 20

    Urban and Rural Population: 1901; 1931; 1961 (Graph)

    Estimates of Newfoundland population were provided by Michael Staveley (Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland). Canada.
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    Population Growth, 1871-1961 (Graph)

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