Authors and Sources


Ecological Regions, ca 1500 CE (Volume I, Plate 17; Concise Plate n/i)
Descriptions of Ecological Regions (Volume I, Plate 17A; Concise Plate n/i)
J.H. McANDREWS Department of Botany, Royal Ontario Museum and University of Toronto
G.C. MANVILLE Department of Botany, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philidelphia


Ecological Regions, ca 1500 CE (Map)

Precipitation Ranges (Graph)

Radiation and Degree Day Ranges (Graph)

Seasonal Temperature Ranges (Graph)

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  • We thank the following for their advice and criticism: Christine L. Caroppo, Edwin J. Crossman, Judith L. Eger, Ross D. James, and Deborah A. Metsger of the ROM; and William G. Dean, F. Kenneth Hare, James C. Ritchie, and Howard G. Savage of UT.

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