Images of Canada, 1810-1894


Area units:
Areas shown represent provinces as of 1889, which persisted until 1894.

Data units:
Point locations of sites depicted in selected artwork are shown on the map. Lines shown represent routes of selected artists, whose artwork is highlighted on the map.


Legend Description

Locations of selected artwork
Symbols represent locations of sites depicted in selected artwork shown on the map. Click on the Identify tool, then click on the map on one of the symbols, to pop up a page showing the artwork.

Where artists went - Routes
Lines represent approximate routes or itineraries of the selected artists shown on map.

Where artists went - Locations
Point symbols represent known locations of sites depicted in Lucius R. O'Brien landscape paintings, and known locations where Frederick Dally took photographs. Both artists are also represented in the image locations and selected artworks pages linked on the map.

Settled area (ecumene) ca 1891
Area of continuous settlement (ecumene) is shown in an olive colour on this map.

Major rail lines ca 1891
The railway was becoming the primary mode of travel through the 19th Century, and is included here to show the geographic connection between the railway and the art of the time. Only major rail lines are shown.



The layer showing the Locations of selected artworks is the active layer. See explanation in Active Tools below.

This folder contains layers showing WHERE ARTISTS WENT - Routes and Locations. The layers can be viewed individually or together.
This layer shows the names of the Provinces and Territories, ca 1889.
Modern Geography (current provincial and territorial boundaries, as well as selected cities) is available for reference.


Active Tools

This is the active layer, which remains active at all times. Use the tools below to get data about the site locations in this layer.

Identify: Click on the Identify tool, then click on the map on one of location symbols to pop up a web page showing the artwork created from that site.

Table: Click on the Table tool, then click or drag a rectangle on the map across one or more location symbols, to select them and pop up a table showing information about the selected sites. See Table Fields below.


Table Fields - Locations of selected artworks

Artist Name of painter or photographer
Title Title or description of artwork
Medium Medium of artwork
Date Date of artwork
Click to pop up image Click link to pop up web page of artwork
Data files available: Locations_of_selected_artworks.xls


Legend Notes

Locations of selected artworks and routes of artists are approximate as appropriate for scale of map. Settled area (ecumene) ca 1891 as shown is also a generalized approximation, shown to provide context. For more information about the artworks on this map, see individual web pages, as well as Authors and Sources and Authors' Special Notes.