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19th-century Images of Canada (Volume II, Plate 1; Concise Plate 29)
JOHN H. WADLAND Canadian Studies Program, Trent University
MARGARET HOBBS Women's Studies Program, Trent University

The authors are deeply indebted to the following for their assistance in the preparation of this plate: Andrew Birrell, François-Marc Gagnon, Fernand Harvey, Joy Houston, Joan Murray, Hellen Ostler, Mary Jane Penfold, Dennis Reid, Alan Toff, Helle Viirlaid, John Warkentin. Special thanks are accorded Joan Schwartz for permission to use her unpublished research to identify the locations of Frederick Dally photographs.

The Look of Domestic Building, 1891 (Volume II, Plate 6; Concise Plate 30)
PETER ENNALS Geography, Mount Allison University
DERYCK W. HOLDSWORTH Geography, Pennsylvania State University

Sources: 19th Century Images of Canada

Special Authors' Notes
The Authors of this plate wrote extensive notes on development of the visual arts and photography during this time period. These warrant a special page which can be accessed here, or by clicking on "Special" in the top bar menu of any of the Notes pages.

Sources for Paintings
  Number indicates location code on original printed atlas plates.
13 George Heriot. Chaudière Falls near Quebec. ca 1810. Watercolour over graphite on woven paper. Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. R9266-269, Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana.
10 Peter Rindisbacher. Occupation of the Unfortunate Colonists within sight of a mass of ice of 5700 cubic [metres?], June 30, 1821. 1821. Watercolour and ink. National Archives of Canada. C-1905
8 Peter Rindisbacher. Winter Fishing on the Ice of the Assynoibain and Red River. 1821. Watercolour with pen and black ink on paper. National Archives of Canada. C-001932

Paul Kane (1810-1871). French River Rapids. 1845. Oil. Stark Museum of Art, Orange, Texas. 31.78/159, POP22

6 Paul Kane (1810-1871). Camping on the Prairie. 1845. Oil. Stark Museum of Art, Orange, Texas. 31.78/156, POP18
11 Frederick C. Lowe, after Lucius R. O'Brien. View of Cobourg. Ca 1852. Wood engraving on paper. From Anglo American Magazine ( Toronto), 2 (Feb 1853). Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, J. Ross Robertson Collection. T 18073
16 W.G.R. Hind. Harvesting Hay, Sussex, New Brunswick. Ca 1880. Oil on commercial board. National Archives of Canada, Ottawa. C-103003
12 Lucius Richard O'Brien. Canadian 1832-1899. Among the Islands of Georgian Bay. 1886. Watercolour on paper. 26.7 x 39.4 cm. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Bequest of Mrs Florence L. Cody, 1951. T 260 1
3 Lucius Richard O'Brien. Through the Rocky Mountains, a Pass on the Canadian Highway. 1887. Watercolour on paper. Private collection, Toronto. Photograph courtesy of Art Gallery of Ontario.

Sources for Photographs
  Number indicates location code on original printed atlas plates.
1 Frederick Dally. Ox team at Clinton, Cariboo Road, BC. 1868. Photograph. Glenbow Archives, Calgary. NA-674-38
2 Charles Horetzky. Canadian Pacific Railway Survey. Hazelton. Forks of the Skeena River, 29 Dec 1872 . Photograph. Library and Archives Canada. PA-022575
5 Charles Horetzky. Peace River at Fort Dunvegan, October 4, 1872. 1872. Photo­graph. National Archives of Canada, W.J. Topley Collection. PA-9244
15 Alexander Henderson. Intercolonial Railway. On the Matapedia River. Ca 1872. Albumen print. National Archives of Canada, Sir Sandford Fleming Collection. PA-022071

Royal Engineers, George Dawson / North American Boundary Commission. Ox train at Dead Horse Creek, on their way West. Ca 1873. Photograph. National Archives of Canada, Dr Thomas Millman Collection. PA-74645

3 Alexander Henderson. Steel Bridge on the Canadian Pacific Railway, over the St. Lawrence River, at Lachine, near Montreal, by Dominion Bridge Co. Limited, Montreal. Ca 1880's. Photograph. Library and Archives Canada. PA-027638
4 J.B. Tyrrell. Eskimo camp on the barren land, NWT, 18 Aug 1894. Photograph. National Archives of Canada, Geological Survey of Canada Collection. PA-050939

Sources: The Look of Domestic Building, 1891

In spite of efforts to create a major machine-readable data base (the Canadian Inventory of Historical Buildings) it has not been possible so far to carry out a comprehensive detailed mapping of the thousands of buildings surviving from the 19th century. While some efforts have been made to formulate an appropriate classification system for house types which might be used in this process, there remains a good deal of disagreement on the principles of such a typology. Moreover, such an exercise risks overlooking the existence and the extent of a wide assortment of very ordinary 19th-century buildings that have not survived or that were not documented by contemporaries. The research for this plate arose from a careful reading of the existing literature on Canada's architectural history, coupled with extensive field observation. However, in the absence of a more scientific basis for analysis, the treatment is necessarily impressionistic.

Hall and parlour: The term hall refers to the 'great room' found at many scales in English housing during the medieval period and thereafter. This room was a multipurpose space in which cooking, dining, domestic manufacture, and sleeping took place. It should not be confused with the entry spaces or passage ways that are often called halls in the modern dwelling.

Further Readings: 19th Century Images of Canada


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