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The Quest for Universal Schooling, 1851-1891 (Volume II, Plate 1, Concise Plate 29)
ALISON PRENTICE History and Philosophy, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


Unless otherwise indicated, data for all maps and graphs were taken from the annual reports of the various chief superintendents and ministers of education for the several British North American colonies to 1867, and for the provinces of Canada after that date. Where data were reported by municipal districts other than counties, these were amalgamated or incorporated into counties with the assistance of the Gazetteer of Canada.

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    Students in School: 1851; 1881 (MAP)

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  • Hamilton Central School, 1852 (ILLUSTRATION)

  • The floor plan is in the Archives of Ontario, Horwood Collection of Architectural Drawings and Related Material. The drawing of the frontal elevation is in the Hamilton Public Library.
  • School Registrations, 1851-1891 (GRAPH)

  • The figures for the total population of each province were drawn from the censuses of Canada. The relatively low registration in a province such as British Columbia may be accounted for, at least in part, by the fact that population totals included First Nation peoples whose children were rarely found in school.
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