What's new in the Online Learning Project

The Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning Project contains much of the data and mapping from the original published Atlas volumes. However, new content and features have also been created specifically for the Online Project.


Maptours are guided explorations of a chapter or series of related chapters in the Online Learning Project. Maptours are presented in a slideshow format, but there is also a printer-friendly version downloadable from the opening page.

Educator's corner

A selection of useful resources and ideas for teachers and students, at any education level. In future these may be augmented with links additional content created by users.

New data and maps

In some cases, new data and maps have been compiled and created for the Online Learning Project, and in other cases, information from maps has been combined and consolidated in a new form. The Chapters below are good examples of new or reorganized data and maps.

CHAPTER: Summary of Exploration through Four Centuries

Summary of Exploration, 1497-1891 (Interactive Map)

CHAPTER: Territorial Evolution, 1670-2001

Boundary Changes, 1670-2001 (Interactive Map)
Territorial Timeline, 1670-2001 (Slideshow)

CHAPTER: Summary of Population Growth, 1851-1961

Population Growth, 1851-1961 (Interactive Map)
Population Density, 1851-1961 (Interactive Map)
Population Distribution, 1851-1961 (Interactive Map)

Data tables for download

Much of the research data behind the maps of the Historical Atlas is now available in table form for download. These are accessible from individual Chapter pages, or the Legend Info pages for individual maps.