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Maptour: The Impact of the Great Depression, 1928-1940
The Dimensions and Timing of Relief

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Map: Relief Recipients by Province, 1930-1940

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Notice ...

  • The maximum number of welfare recipients in Saskatchewan and Ontario is similar (right scale, red line), but Ontario had four times the size, so welfare has only one-quarter the impact (left scale, yellow and green bars).
  • Relief in Ontario and Québec peaked early in the 1930s, whereas on the Prairies it reached at peak later in the decade.
  • The relief system in Newfoundland (not part of Canada in the 1930s) was very different from that found in Canada.


  • Newfoundland demonstrates that the Depression was an international phenomenon.
  • An economic downturn hurts a dependent, urban society more suddenly than it does more self-sufficient, rural people.

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