The architecture and art of the 19th century set the templates for distinctive regional designs of buildings across Canada, and for the artistic visualization of our collective self-image. Almost a century of artists and photographers whose landscapes from the Appalachians, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence lowland, Canadian Shield, Cordillera, and Barren Grounds are represented in the interactive map titled Images of Canada, 1810-1894. Places where selected artists painted are marked on the map, and the travel routes of four painters and photographers are laid out. Clicking on these Image locations pops up the artwork. The extensive Special Authors' Notes to this chapter analyse the development of painting and photography in Canada, and major figures in its growth. The table of Selected Painters and Photographers gives the dates of activity of many of these artists.

The Look of Domestic Building, 1891 has been re-configured as a slideshow of building plans and "typical" streetscapes representing regional differences that chararacterized provinces or regions by 1891. Many factors influenced styles in Canada: folk-housing patterns carried from homelands, influential designs from Europe or the United States, and the mix of ideas and technologies existing in specific regions as settlement progressed from pioneer to mature stages. These are described in the notes accompanying each set of building designs and elevations.