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Maptour: The Printed Word 1752 – 1900
Literacy in Canada

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Comparing two maps side by side

Try This:

  • Open the interactive map “Newspapers by County, 1891."
  • Minimize your browser window, and resize it so it fits a quarter of your screen.
  • On the ZOOM/PAN toolbar, click on the Zoom in button and use it on the map to zoom in to southern Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes.
  • Open a new browser window, and then open the map “Public Libraries, 1779-1891.”
  • Repeat the steps, above, for the Public Libraries map. Compare the two maps side by side.

Notice ...

  • Montréal and Toronto were major centres of independent political thought in Victorian Canada.
  • Québec (province) newspapers beyond Montréal reflected traditional two-party politics.
  • Virtually everyone within Canada’s settled area in 1891 had access to a newspaper.
  • There is a strong visual correspondence between the presence of newspapers and of public libraries.


  • Freedom of the press flourished in Victorian Canada.
  • One can imagine that it was common practice to read the newspaper at the public library.

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