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Maptour: Canada's Ecological Regions ca 1500 CE
Looking at Saskatchewan

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Map: Ecological Regions, ca 1500 CE

Try This:

  • Close the pop-up box for "Seasonal Temperature Ranges."
  • Keep open the interactive map “Ecological Regions, ca 1500 CE.”
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn on the checkbox for "Modern Geography."
  • Click on the "Zoom to" drop-down menu and select "Saskatchewan.”

Notice ...

  • The major urban places in Saskatchewan lie south of the Boreal regions.
  • The grassland portion of Saskatchewan covered only about one-quarter of the area that later became known as a “prairie” province.


  • Popular perception of Canada 's Prairie Provinces does not agree well with the reality of the ecological zones in which they were established.
  • At another time, check the "Prairie Parkland" belt, a rich resource and settlement region frequently showing up in other chapters in this atlas, including "Exploration to Mid-19th Century."