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Maptour: Canada's Ecological Regions ca 1500 CE
Looking at Where You Live

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Map: Ecological Regions ca 1500 CE

Try This:

  • Keep open the map "Ecological Regions ca 1500 CE."
  • On the ZOOM/PAN toolbar, click on "FULL" to zoom out to all of Canada.
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn on the checkboxes for "Modern Geography" and "Section Labels;" turn off "Division Labels."
  • Use the Zoom in tool to zoom in as closely as possible to the city, town or rural area where you live.
  • On the DATA SELECT toolbar, click on the Identify tool and then click on the map at the place where you live.

Notice ...

  • A box opens, giving you the ecological description of the region where you live: Domain, Division, (Ecological) Province, Section.

Try This:

  • Close the pop-up box.
  • On the DATA SELECT toolbar, click on the Table tool and then use the cursor on the map to drag a rectangle over several ecological regions.

Notice ...

  • A table box opens, naming all the ecological subdivisions in your selected sample.
  • The boundaries of the selected ecological subdivisions are individually highlighted on the map. (You may have to drag the table box aside to see your chosen area.)


  • Chances are high that you would have a greater struggle to live off your local land today than First Nations peoples would have had five centuries ago.

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