Map Tour: The Quest for Universal Schooling
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Map: Schools with Blackboards in Canada West

Try This:

  • Click on the "More Maps" drop-down menu and select "Schools with Blackboards in Canada West."
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn on the checkboxes for "1856 Counties", "1861 Counties," "1866 Counties," one after the other, watching the changes in the map as you do so.

Notice ...

  • The installation of schoolroom blackboards was well under way in Canada West (Ontario) in 1856, and nearly complete ten years later.
  • The western part of Canada West was the first region to achieve virtually total installation of blackboards.


  • Blackboards stood for educational reform.
  • Blackboards focused the attention of students on the teacher rather than on their individual slates.
  • Blackboards permitted teachers to instruct many students simultaneously.