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Maptour: Religious Adherence, 1891-1961
Québec’s Second Religion?

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Map: Religious Adherence, 1921

Try This:

  • Keep open the interactive map "Religious Adherence, 1921."
  • Click on the "Zoom to" drop-down menu and select "Southern Québec".
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn on the checkbox for "2nd most common religion."

Notice ...

  • In most of Québec in 1921 the second most common religion after Roman Catholicism was held by less than ten per cent of the population.


  • The St Lawrence River valley in 1921 was an intensely homogeneous area when it came to religion.
  • The presence of Presbyterians and Anglicans along Québec's American border may be a sign of adjacent New England roots.