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Maptour: Religious Adherence, 1891-1961
Unity among Presbyterians?

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Map: Presbyterian vote on Church Union

Try This:

  • Open the interactive map "Presbyterian vote on Church Union, 1924-1925."
  • On the ZOOM/PAN toolbar, click on the Zoom in button and drag a rectangle on the map so that both the Prairies and Ontario are visible.

Notice ...

  • Prairie Presbyterian congregations were of one voice on this subject.
  • Ontario Presbyterian congregations were widely divided.

Try This:

  • Use the Zoom in tool on the map, to zoom in to the Prairies.
  • On the DATA SELECT toolbar, click on the Table tool and then click and drag a rectangle on the map to include several of the units ("presbyteries.")

Notice ...

  • The data table displays the vote for church union both by congregations and by individuals, presbytery by presbytery.
  • The limits of the presbyteries you selected are individually highlighted. (You may have to drag the table aside to see this.)
  • The proportion of congregations in each presbytery that voted in favour of Union in 1925 was almost always greater – and frequently a great deal greater – than the proportion of the vote when reported by individual ballots (the “popular vote”).


  • The strength and homogeneity among Prairie voters was not as strong as the map would suggest.
  • Ontario appeared to have been consistently heterogeneous, not only between presbyteries but also within them.
  • The manner in which votes are recorded in elections can yield highly discordant results.

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