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Maptour: Religious Adherence, 1891-1961
The Saskatchewan Patchwork

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Map: Religious Diversity in Saskatchewan, 1921

Try This:

  • Click on the "More Maps" drop-down menu and select Saskatchewan, 1921.
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS turn on, in succession, the checkboxes for "1st most common religion," "2nd most common religion" and "3rd most common religion" and watch the changes in the map.

Notice ...

  • Greek Orthodox Christians have a deep presence in eastern Saskatchewan, in the Canora and Yorkton region.
  • Anglicans may be described as a "diffuse minority" throughout the province.


  • The religious landscapes of Saskatchewan and Québec in 1921 could hardly have been more different.
  • The immigrant histories of Québec and Saskatchewan must likewise display strong contrasts.