Territorial Timeline: 1874-1898

1874 Ontario enlarged
New provisional northern and western boundaries of Ontario are described, which in 1880 are formally defined through an Award of Arbitration.

1876 North-West Territories subdivided
Canada establishes District of Keewatin from part of North-West Territories.

1880 Britain yields Arctic Islands
A British Imperial Order in Council transferred to Canada all British islands in North America not already in Canada, except for Newfoundland and its dependencies. These Arctic islands were annexed to Canada as part of the North-West Territories.

1881 Manitoba enlarged
Manitoba is enlarged by extending its boundaries westward, northward and eastward.

1882 North-West Territories further subdivided
North-West Territories further subdivided

1884 Manitoba/ Ontario border redefined
Manitoba/ Ontario border redefined

1886 Saskatchewan district enlarged
The south-western boundary of Saskatchewan and Keewatin is adjusted to conform to the boundaries of the districts created in 1882.

1889 Ontario further enlarged
The Ontario Boundary Act enlarges Ontario westward to the Lake of the Woods and northward to the Albany River.

1895 North-West Territories further subdivided
The Ungava, Mackenzie, Yukon, and Franklin areas are established as districts in the North-West Territories.

1895 North-West Territories districts redrawn
The districts of Athabaska and Keewatin are enlarged.

1897 North-West Territories changed
The boundaries of the Ungava, Keewatin, Mackenzie, Yukon, and Franklin districts are slightly changed.

1898 Yukon Territory created
Yukon is established as a separate territory by the Yukon Territory Act.

1898 Québec enlarged
Québec's boundary is extended north to Eastmain River.