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Maptour: The Boundaries of Canada, 1670-2001
Newfoundland Joins Confederation

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Map: Newfoundland Joins Confederation, 1949

Try This:

  • Click on the "More maps" drop-down menu and open the interactive map "Newfoundland Joins Confederation, 1949."
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, close the folder for "JUNE 3, 1948" and open "JUNE 22, 1948."
  • Turn off the checkbox for "Poll 2 Results" to see the underlying pattern of "Voter turnout". Click back and forth between the two views to compare them.

Notice ...

  • The Newfoundland settled area is focused on the sea.
  • Voters in the St. John's region were far less inclined to join Canada than were Newfoundlanders elsewhere.


  • Outport Newfoundlanders saw Confederation with Canada as an opportunity to trade impoverishment for financial security.

Try This:

  • Click on the "Related materials" drop-down menu and select Graphs - "Newfoundland Referendum Results."
  • Click on the file under "Data Files (.xls)" to see the numbers upon which these graphs are based.

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