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Maptour: The Acadian Expulsion: a Canadian Tragedy
French Defenders

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Map: Acadian Population Distribution: 1750, 1803

Try This:

  • Keep open the map "Acadian Population Distribution: 1750, 1803."
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn on the checkboxes for "POPULATION 1750."
  • On the ZOOM/PAN toolbar, click on the zoom in button and use it and the pan tool to zoom in to "Île Saint-Jean" and "Île Royale."

Notice ...

  • A huge population of "Other French" is concentrated at Louisbourg, shown as a fortified site.


  • The Acadians were a small minority of the population recorded at the Fortress of Louisbourg.
  • Louisbourg was the military heart of Acadia.