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Maptour: The Acadian Expulsion: a Canadian Tragedy
The Homing Instinct

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Map: The Acadian Deportation Experience, 1755-1785

Try This:

  • Keep open the map for "The Acadian Deportation Experience, 1755-1785."
  • Close the data box and click on "CLEAR" to erase the highlighted flowlines.
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn off the checkbox for "Initial Dispersal, 1755-1757" and turn on the checkbox for "Trying to Return 1756-57."
  • On the DATA SELECT toolbar, click on the Identify tool, and then click on an arrow on the map to pop up its information.

Notice ...

  • A trickle of deported Acadians underwent further migration, seeking to return to the Bay of Fundy region.


  • The instinct among Acadians to "go home" was strong.