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Maptour: The Acadian Expulsion: a Canadian Tragedy
The Expulsion

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Map: The Acadian Deportation Experience, 1755-1785

Try This:

  • Open the interactive map "The Acadian Deportation Experience, 1755-1785."
  • On the DATA SELECT toolbar, click on the Table tool, and drag a rectangle over some of the pink flowing arrows on the map.

Notice ...

  • A table opens, recording the origin, destination, and numbers of the thousands of Acadians who were deported from the Bay of Fundy (Baie française) region to the British colonies to the south.
  • Small numbers of Acadians fled to New France (Canada.)


  • French people sent to English places must have experienced severe culture shock.
  • The Acadians were pushed out, not pulled elsewhere by their own choice. See Notes - "Text from the printed Atlas" for a futher explanation of the experience.