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Maptour: The Acadian Expulsion: a Canadian Tragedy
Discovering New Orleans

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Map: The Acadian Deportation Experience, 1755-1785

Try This:

  • Keep open the map "The Acadian Deportation Experience, 1755-1785."
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn on the checkbox for "1763-68" and then turn off all the checkboxes except "Further wanderings 1763-68."
  • Make sure your view includes both Québec City and New Orleans.

Notice ...

  • "Nouvelle-France" is now called "Québec."
  • Wanderings extended throughout the Atlantic Ocean and West Indies.
  • Many wandering Acadians converged on New Orleans.


  • French settlements in the St. Lawrence valley may have lost some of their appeal for Acadian refugees.
  • Acadians were getting advice on a place that held promise of being culturally receptive.
  • Once uprooted, displaced people have trouble putting down roots in a new locale, and are easily displaced again.