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Maptour: Population Composition, 1891-1961
Two Solitudes

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Map: Ethnic Origin, 1901

Try This:

  • Open the interactive map “Ethnic Origin, 1901.”
  • On the ZOOM/PAN toolbar, click on the Zoom in button and click on the map once or twice until the large circles become pie charts.
  • Use the Pan tool to pan back and forth so that you have seen the pie charts for all parts of Canada.

Notice ...

  • Nearly all Canadians were of British or French descent in 1901.
  • Western Canada had a multicultural composition absent in Eastern Canada.
  • Persons of French descent are rare west of Ontario.
  • Canada's First Nations were all but invisible in Canada's population in 1901.


  • Canada's development as a multicultural nation is a phenomenon of the 20th century.