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Maptour: Population Composition, 1891-1961
The French Diaspora

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Map: Ethnic Origin,1961

Try This:

  • Close the 1931 map window, and keep open the map "Ethnic Origin, 1961."
  • Under LAYER CONTROLS, turn off the checkbox for "Province/city circles or pie graphs." Turn on the layer for “Census divisions by ethnic origin." Also turn on the checkboxes for “1961 largest group” and for "Modern Geography."
  • Use the Zoom-in tool to drag a rectangle on the map from Windsor in Southern Ontario to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.

Notice ...

  • People of French descent have spread to become predominant well beyond the boundaries of Québec, where their ancestors had traditionally lived.
  • The French-British contrast does not match the Québec-Ontario boundary.


  • Political boundaries may be vulnerable to repositioning to conform with changing cultural circumstances.
  • Another time look at the story of the Acadians, people of French origin in Maritime Canada whose turbulent history is recounted in the chapter: "Acadian Deportation and Return, 1750-1803."