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Maptour: Population Composition, 1891-1961
“Canada” meant “Eastern Canada”

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Map: Ethnic Origin, 1931

Try This:

  • On the ZOOM/PAN toolbar, click on “FULL.”
  • Click on the drop-down menu “More Maps” and under the subheading “Pop-Up Comparison Maps,” select “Ethnic Origin 1931.” (This opens a smaller map window for 1931 - you may have to drag it aside to see the 1901 and 1931 maps at the same time.)
  • Compare these two maps to see the change in population numbers and locales over these 30 years.
  • Click on the drop-down menu “More Maps” and select “Ethnic Origin 1961.”
  • Now compare the 1931 and 1961 maps for a comparative picture of change over 30 years.

Notice ...

  • Most Canadians in 1901 lived in Québec or Ontario.
  • The eastern emphasis persisted through the 60 years covered by these maps.


  • People in British Columbia and Alberta together outnumber those in Québec in 2006.
  • Lived-in Canada to the west of Lake Huron is very much a phenomenon of the 20th century.